About Us

From more than 50 years we are involved in production and sale of houseware items. Born as melamine tray manufacturer the company during the years has been forced to extend its range introducing new articles and materials in order to meet market requests and trends. Thanks to our  graphic studio and to the continue research of new trends we can define our self as one of the leading company in houseware and house decoration fields.


Excellence in research
100% Italian Style
A touch of inspiration
100% Italian Design

What We Do

It is very important for us to highlight that all items of Chinese origin are studied, projected, by us in Italy; design, decoration and idea are the result of the continue research of our creativity office, in which we invest...
Easy life combines a mix of materials, like melamine, porcelain, wood and glass to express its creativity and dynamic approach to the modern market. Our production process is divided between Italy and China and its splitted on...
Decoration, design and packaging are the most impressive elements of our working philosophy that contribute to the big success of our collections. Furthermore we are able to supply a complete & coordinate range of products...